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Happy Holidays from Glowzap this Winter…

Hello friends, posters, and fellow Glowzappers.

It has been a while since our last post, and that is because we are now working on our new branding and creating some fun new features.

We are kicking off 2015 with some big new changes to the site.  For now, make sure you check out all our new categories and if you don’t see one you think should be there, submit it and we will create it the same day. Thanks again for all your posts and time spent on the site.
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New Categories! Cheers to the rise of bitcoin?

Just like with the internet, and peer to peer file sharing, and smart phones, the bitcoin is here to stay!  So we are on board with it and providing new categories for the bitcoin community! Check them out.




“Revolution OS” is a great documentary on Linux, the best open source OS

“Revolution OS” is a great documentary on Linux, the best open source OS

“Revolution OS” is a great documentary on Linux, the best open source OS

Rednecks commenting on huge car fire

Rednecks commenting on huge car fire. They captured this blazing car fire on film in New Jersey, 10 foot high flames and could feel the heat from inside the car. Should have bought American… Check out other cool videos at

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Stop Toll Lanes in California – Tax Payers are Being Exploited

Please sign the petition!:

I forwarded this on from our friends in LA to help get this petition noticed:

Hello friends and good citizens:

Please sign our petition to attempt to end the new “toll roads” in LA.  Large
portions of our pay checks and taxes already go to the roads.

is exploitation, an injustice, extortion, and arguably class warfare.
These lanes have not visibly changed traffic patterns for the better,
they are a nuisance to many, and are a reflection of corruption at
different levels…  To incorporate private businesses profiteering off
my daily commute WAS NOT on the ballot this year and crept up on our
citizens, and now this is one way to fight back.

I’m a working class tax payer in LA, and when I saw this criminal
tolling I was a bit disgusted, and than went online to find out more
people who shared the same sentiment/  These lanes were once free
“carpool lanes” and now require a paid RFID transponder that costs
$1,000+ a year.  The transponder communicates with the sensors above the
toll roads.  To install this express lane system “high-occupancy lanes called ExpressLanes, which would cost a bit more than $1 billion.

Could this $1 billion dollars have been used in other
way to deal with the traffic situation, or better our city, without
extra taxes against the lower working class?  So far 13,000 tickets have
been given out in relation to this road, estimated at over 4 million
dollars, not counting other costs.

Their site “Toll Roads” has 40
“Top Questions” on the home page.  My question is why is the city
profiteering off a private industry like this, and how do they think
this is a long term solution to solving traffic problems here.

forward this on to your friends, family, and fellow citizens as we are
trying to get 100,000+ signatures on this with everyone’s help.

Thank You!

Hundreds of new categories on check them out!

Hundreds of new categories on check them out!

Some of my new favorites:

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Glowzap posts a link to a bright video on solar roadways!

Glowzap posts a link to a bright video on solar roadways!

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New Categories added to Glowzap, presenting CARS! Post everytying and anything car related!

New Categories added to Glowzap, presenting CARS!  Post everything and anything car related!


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Glowzap adds new categories! We are now over 250

Glowzap adds new categories! We are now over 250, check out some of our new ones.  And if you see any categories missing, please login and add one and we’ll approve it!  Get ready to start glowing.

New Categories:

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You have to love aeronautics:

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Glowzap Makes New Categories – Check them out!

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